Bingo Rules

Almost everyone learns how to play bingo when they’re younger, but if you never learned how to play the game we’re going to walk you through the rules. Bingo doesn’t really have that many rules and you don’t need to do anything except mark your bingo card when one of your numbers is called. Bingo rules are basically the same around the world except for some minor differences that we’re going to take a look at. There are three different types of bingo variations played around the world and the one you play will depend on the country that you live in.

90 Ball Bingo

This is the game we are used to also if you live in the United Kingdom, Australia or several other countries around the world, you’ll most likely play 90 ball bingo. The bingo card for 90 ball bingo is a 3×9 grid with some of the squares having a number in it. In order to win when you’re playing 90 ball bingo you need to mark off all of the numbers on a single line of your bingo card. Once a player marks off one complete line they can call out bingo and receive the prize, but the game isn’t over yet. The game continues until a player completes 2 full lines and then until a player completes their complete bingo card.

80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball bingo is played online and has become very popular amongst bingo enthusiasts around the world. Each bingo card in 80 ball bingo is a 4×4 grid with each column being a different colour. The colours used online for each column are red, yellow, blue and white. Once a number is called out that you have on your bingo card you simply click on the number and a coloured square will replace your number, which simply means the number has been marked off. The winning patterns in 80 ball bingo can vary depending on the bingo site you play with, but they include full card, single line, shapes and much more.

75 Ball Bingo

If you live in the USA or Canada then you’ll generally play the 75 ball bingo variation. Players receive a 5×5 bingo card to start the game with numbers in each square of the grid except for the middle square, which is always a free space. Your goal is to mark off the numbers on your bingo card and call out bingo once you have a winning combination. There are a lot of winning patterns in 75 ball bingo including lines, four corners, letters, full card and much more.
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Playing bingo is really simple and if you play online it’s even easier because you can set your bingo game to mark off the numbers automatically if you want. Make sure you find out what the winning combination’s are for each bingo game before you start playing and try to learn how to play each of the bingo games above. You’ll be able to play all three different bingo variations online although you may need to join two bingo sites for the best experience.